The White Collection offers a wide variety of white rental furniture, cocktail tables, and event decor accents to choose from. Complete with an assortment of leather, suede, and fabric lounge furniture the collection brings to life a lush array of white decor.  The collection is a popular selection for both corporate and social clients hosting events that are looking for a chic lounge look.

"Fireplace" Lantern
Aventura L 3 Piece Set
Chrome Communal Table
Chrome Modern Coffee Table
Clear Acrylic Dining Table
Clear Lucite Table
DJ Console Table
Faux Metal Lantern
Ginger Lamps
Large White Framed Mirror
Large White Planter Box
Large White Wooden Barrel
Long White Table
Low Lucite Dance Stage
Lucite High Boy
Lucite High Boy With Top
Lucite Low Boy (Rectangle)
Lucite Tower
Marble Tulip Table
Medium Glow Bar (6 ft.)
Mirrored Console Table
Modern Bling Bridal Table
Modern End Table
Modern White Chair
Phone Charging Coffee Table
Shimmer Frame
Short White Table
Small White Planter Box
Square Glow Cocktail Table
Tall White Glass Cylinder
Tall White Table
Tiffany Chaise
Tiffany Couch
Tufted Cream Suede Loveseat
Tufted Cream Suede Sofa
White "C" Bench
White Acrylic Bar
White Angora Love Seat
White Audrey Hepburn Chair
White Bar Table
White Birch Room Decor
White Candy Food Cart
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