The illuminated collection offers a full line of LED rental items to choose from.  Our vast array of rental bars, tables, high boy tables, and cocktail tables have the ability to change color at your event.  If you are looking to add a custom touch to your event we can even brand our acrylic furniture to fit your event needs.  As one of our most flexible rental lines our illuminated furniture provides a modern look for events.

Asia De Cuba Table
Clear Acrylic Dining Table
Clear Acrylic Highboy
Clear Lucite Table
Fish Tank Bar
Large Glow Bar (8 ft.)
Large Lucite Dance Stage
LED Dance Floor
Led Runway
Lucite Cocktail Cube Table
Lucite High Boy
Lucite High Boy With Top
Lucite Low Boy (Rectangle)
Lucite Tower
Medium Glow Bar (6 ft.)
Small Lucite Table
Square Glow Cocktail Table
White Acrylic Bar
White Lucite Cocktail Table
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