Scenic Decor

1920's Bathtub
Bamboo Tree
Bamboo Tree in Planter
Banana Tree
Black Awning
Black Tufted Dance Platform
Box Hedge
Color Awning
Covered Wooden Barrel
Downtown Backdrop
Fall Tree
Faux Brick Walls
Faux Fire Hydrants
Fire Hydrant
Green Tropical Tree
Large Barrel
Large Cactus
Large Cutout Barrel
Large Lamp Post
Large White Planter Box
Large White Wooden Barrel
Large Wooden Barrel
Low Box Hedge
Low Bush
Mansion Gates
Medium Cactus
Medium Lamp Post
Medium Wooden Barrel
Medium Wooden Pedestal
Mid-Town Backdrop
NYC Subway Set
Palm Tree
Palm Tree
Rustic Pedestal Set
Scenic Mirror
Short Wooden Pedestal
Small Green Leaf Tree
Small Lemon Trees in Planter
Small Orange Tree in Planter
Small White Planter Box
Small Wooden Barrel
Stone Fountain
Stone Fountain Small
Tall Topiary
Tall Wooden Pedestal
Tree in a Pot
Tri-Fold Mirror
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